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Watching Sherlock 1x01 for the first time.


Jamie Bell interview... and more!
It’s official now. Jamie Bell is too cute to be true.

So. Jamie came to Spain for the Tintin premiere to this program called El Hormiguero (the ant's nest). It’s a very funny and dynamic program, and poor actors who come sometimes don’t know what they’re going to find xD But Jamie was awesome in it!

Here it is:
(I'd like to put in which minute happens every thing I comment, but with this player is impossible and I can't find it anywhere else for now!)

I’m going to tell you what he said, because Jamie and the translator speak same time and I’m not sure you will be able to understand.

First, they interviewed him. They talked about the movie, about how Jamie had to chase a fake dog, and about the time he met Steven Spielberg for the first time. He said he was 15, and he couldn’t even speak, the cute little thing. And then he went home and listened to John Williams. And cried.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Too cute. Really.

Jamie said that the first movie he saw in theaters was Jurassic Park when he was 8, and that he was terrified, but then he got obsessed with dinosaurs, that the movie changed his life. He thought dinosaurs were real, that Spielberg was a magician from another planet. He said that everyone has felt that with some movie from Steven Spielberg, that it changes your life and makes you feel incredible things.

The interviewer, Pablo, said he felt the same thing with E.T., that he cries every time he sees it. Then Jamie said that the ending of E.T. measures your humanity XD

They spoke a little more about how Spielberg directs, that he’s a very visual director. Jamie said that they filmed in 8 weeks but that it took 2 years to produce the film.

Then the ants appeared, Trancas and Barrancas. Yep, the show has ants. They’re the stars XD

Jamie said they based the Tintin toupé on his own toupé XD aww, seriously.

They talked about Billy Elliot too. He started to dance as a kid, and he had to hide his shoes on his pants so his friends wouldn’t know.  But he’s glad he danced, ‘cause it defined him and it took him out of that place.
He’s so cute when he smiles. Ehem.

They talked about the BAFTA, that Jamie forgot to thank his mom and corrected that thanking her on the show.

So, the ants.

They joked  for a little while. Then they said they wanted to test his knowledge on Spielberg movies and soundtracks. People from the program (those are the guys who play the ants, actually XD) sang songs from Spielberg movies under the water (WTF right? I know XD) and he had to guess. You can see that on the video :)

Then Pablo spoke about a new section called “The first time”. People send them videos of the first time they do something. This is  2 kids that see a plane take off for the first time.

They joked a little more…

And Carlos Jean came in. He’s a DJ, and his work is this: he puts a musical, (erm… don’t know the name, a musical base?) on a website and people from all around the world send recordings of themselves playing an instrument or singing along with that music. Then Carlos picks what he likes the most and makes a song with some of those recordings. Carlos shows him how he does it, you can see it :) Every week they record something on the show, and they do it with some beat-boxers :D

Jamie looks like he wants to dance all the time, awww!

The crazy dancing guy is Marron. You have to see when Jamie starts to dance, seriously >//<

He wants to talk about the concept or inertia, but I’m not a scientist so you’ll have to content yourselves with the experiments they show on the vid XD

Oh, if you were curious, the man in black is like a legend on this show. That’s why they all clap XD the ants keep making jokes about him, that’s why people laugh.

And well, that’s it! ;)

Unidos - Picard/Crusher
¡Hola! Bueno, aquí estoy con un Picard/Crusher. Nunca había pensado hacer uno, pero vi el capítulo “Unidos” (7x08) y no he podido quitármelo de la cabeza hasta que lo he escrito. ¡Esto llenaría de pensamientos una escena que me enamoró y que si no habéis visto deberíais correr a buscar!

Para quien no sepa de qué va, en este episodio Crusher y Picard son raptados y quedan conectados telepáticamente… o sea, se leen el pensamiento. Para entender el fic sólo tenéis que saber eso :P

Me disculpo por el formato de este fic, es raro, muy raro. Me ha salido así xD

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Jon McLaughlin
He's amazing. He always has the kind of song I'm looking for... jazzy, pop, the classical love ballad... everything!

This is always been a favourite of mine:

Th newe single is great too:


Okay, I'm stopping now, but you should check him out NOW!

So close - Picard/Crusher

This. THIS.
This is Picard+Crusher+Jon McLaughlin (if you don't know who he is check him out NOW here: )

Writing Picard/Crusher now.

I need a beta! - The Eagle
Hello lovely Eagle girls!
I need a beta for a short fic I wrote a while ago... as you know, English is not my first language, so.... ehem, the story needs lots of help.

Nightmares - Chapter 3
So this is the end!

Thanks again to my beta, faithsummers80 , and to my dearest afattribble for being my beta and a great cheerleader! Without you this wouldn't be possible!

Chapter one is here, btw:

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Nightmares - Chapter 2
Hey! :D
The second chapter is here! There's just another one left!
I'd love to read your opinions about this, it's really important to me!
Thanks to all of you who read and commented and to faithsummers80
faithsummers80and afattribble for being great betas!

Chapter 1 is here:

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Thanks for reading! Thoughts? :D

Nightmares - Star Trek XI
I'm really excited with this story! Hope you enjoy it! :D
Thanks to faithsummers80 and to afattribble for being the wonderful betas they are! :D

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