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[The Eagle] Stay Still
Title: Stay still
Pairings: Esca/Marcus
Rating: G-13
Word Count: 1080
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; no profit is being made from this endeavour.

Summary: Marcus, in some kind of heroic gesture, shielded him with his body against the jeep. Esca would have protested that he didn’t need to be protected and would’ve shoved him away if an actual real tyrannosaur hadn’t been approaching them in that instant.
Author's Notes: Jurassic Park AU. Written for lalazee at the eagle_exchange LJ comm.
Huge thanks to notquiteharvard, my wonderful beta! 

Miedo (X-men: First Class)
xmen 2

Título: Miedo

Para: obsscure

En: Intercambio de fanworks de xmengeneracion1

Pairing: Charles/Erik

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 680˜

Summary: “Ya te dije que no estoy hecho para esto, Charles.”

Notas: ¡Perdón por la tardanza! ¡Tu fic es una pasada y este no le llega ni a la suela de los zapatos, pero espero que te guste de todos modos!

Esta escena ocurre poco después de llegar a la mansión, poco después de empezar los entrenamientos.

¡Gracias a lalaithlen por ayudarme con el argumento!

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Enroque (X-men: First Class)
xmen 2

Título: Enroque

Para: justcyanide

En: Intercambio de fanworks de xmengeneracion1

Pairing: Erik/Charles

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Ni X-men: First Class ni Star Trek me pertenecen, por desgracia.

Word count: 1300

Summary: Ambos permanecieron en silencio unos minutos, estudiando el siguiente movimiento como si de un juego de ajedrez se tratara. Sabían qué pieza tenían que mover, aunque no quisieran hacerlo.

Notas: Star Trek AU (más bien en la línea de TOS o el reboot, yo diría). Charles, el Capitán del Enterprise, es Betazoide, lo que significa que puede leer el pensamiento. Por desgracia no he encontrado ninguna raza que se asemeje al poder de Erik, así que lo he escrito como humano.

¡No tengo ni idea de ajedrez, y aún menos de ajedrez Tri-D ( ),  así que perdonadme los errores que pueda tener!       
En ajedrez, el movimiento “enroque” sirve para proteger al rey moviendo dos piezas a la vez; de ahí viene el título.

¡Gracias a lalaithlen y a alienass por ayudarme!

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My first gifs!
Guise, I made my first gifs!! I shouldn't have started because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop

They're under the cut, I'd love it if you could at least take a look!

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Worth fighting for: Supernatural (For Amy)
So this is something I wrote a while ago for my dear Dean, Amy!

Title: Worth fighting for
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: What’s wrong?, his eyes seemed to ask. But didn’t he see? If Sam was in danger, if he couldn’t do anything to save him, everything was wrong.
Word count: 600 ~
Warnings: Unbetaed and fluffy! You’ve been warned!!
Author’s notes: This is for you, Amy!! Get well soon! <3
The fic is set after 2.14. Thanks to [info]afattribble for the tattoo prompt!!

You can find it here at hugsforamy or below the cut!

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The Eagle: Dust dancing in the flicker-light
Title: Dust dancing in the flicker-light

For: snb123

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Esca/Marcus

Word Count: 1300~

Warnings: None!

Summary: Marcus smiled to the unnatural darkness, seeing the copper-colored dust flying around the room, whirling around someone.

Author's Notes: Crossover with X-men. Marcus is part of the X-men: he’s able to see and strengthen other people’s powers. Esca is on Magneto’s side and has a mutation that enables him to create illusions.
Thanks to the lovely poziomeczka for being my beta, and to afattribble for helping me out with the plot!
The title comes from the movie "Third Star"!

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; no profit is being made from this endeavour.

This fic was written for snb123 at the eagle_exchange! You can read it here at the comm or under the cut!

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28. No puedes caerte del suelo.
puppy sam
Autor: skysthelimit_7
Fandom: Supernatural
Claim: Sam y Dean Winchester
Tabla: Aquí
Tema: #28 - No puedes caerte del suelo.
Título: No puedes caerte del suelo
Resumen: No se puede caer del suelo, dicen. Bueno, sí se puede. Y quien no se lo crea que se lo pregunte a Dean Winchester.
Advertencias: Se puede interpretar como Wincest.
Notas: AU de la temporada 4 en el que Sam no toma sangre de demonio.

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¡Espero que os haya gustado! :)

SPN fans, you should totally take a look at this!! It's awesome!!

Every day we have new things, look!  :D

Art Monday.
Every Monday is art day! This includes traditional art as well as digital art. It can be from a single character, to couples, to groups.

Graphics Tuesday.
Every Tuesday is graphics day! What kind of graphics? Well, we have icons, headers, wallpapers, photo manipulations and lots more. Anything I find pretty will be posted here.

Video Wednesday.
Every Wednesday is video day! And with videos I mean fanmade videos, which are mostly found on Youtube. I always go for good editing, music and background story. It can be a sad video or a fun video, whatever mood I'm in. But what I also mean with videos, are interviews with Jensen I liked or behind the scenes stuff.

Doujinshi Thursday.
Every Thursday is doujinshi day! No, I won't post whole doujinshi's here, I have another group for that. I will post some of my fave drawings or single panels from a certain doujinshi. I will not post the porny drawings; kissing or holding is the farthest I will go. There are funny comics, but also beautiful ones. This day will be the only day that is for members only, because I don't want to see those doujinshi pieces floating around the internet. So, please, no reposting these anywhere else.

Picture Friday.
Every Friday is picture day! Whether it's pictures from Dean Winchester or from Jensen Ackles. Any taken photo of the boys is welcome on Friday. The ones I love most or are just drop dead gorgeous.

FanFic Saturday.
Every Saturday is fanfic day! To be honest, I still need to enter the world of fanfics, but I've already read some pretty good ones so far. Every kind of story can be posted, as long as it is with the characters and people I like. From angst to schmoop, really, I'll read almost anything.

GIF Sunday.
Every Sunday is GIF day! I love GIF's, and since there are lots of them, I needed a separated day for it. These can be GIF's from the show, from interviews or from behind the scenes. Whatever I find out there what is worth saving and sharing!


xmen yellow
Título: Entrar
Extensión: 1020 ~
Pareja/Personajes: Charles/Erik
Clasificación: PG-13
Advertencias: ¡Ninguna! :)
Resumen: Cada noche, Erik se acerca a la biblioteca y escucha cómo Charles lee, pero es incapaz de entrar en la habitación.
Notas: ¡Lo que Charles está leyendo al principio es Jekyll y Hyde! Mil gracias a bela_kikinu , mi beta, que ha tenido que aguantarme durante unos días :P
También presenté este fic en el concurso de xmengeneracion1 en la categoría de fics con menos de 1500 palabras, y quedé segunda!! Me hizo muchísima ilusión *señala su icon y el banner de aquí abajo* :D

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